Our philosophy is that in order to really know a culture you have to know its people. We offer authentic, small group tours to Southern Italy that put you in direct contact with the best this land and its folk have to offer. Allow yourself to be enraptured as you see, touch, taste, smell and get involved.

Amazing Regional Food

Aside from our daily meals at the quaintest, most authentic trattorias, you’ll also partake in a cooking class, for a hands-on experience in preparing Apulian regional specialities! You’ll get your hands in some dough and discover how to make pasta, among other typical dishes, like a real Italian nonna, mamma mia!

Off the beaten path destinations

Discover Southeastern Italy’s best-kept secrets, and see for yourself why National Geographic named Puglia an “absolute must-see destination”. Allow yourself to be immersed in thousands of years of culture and history as our local experts show you the hidden gems that are still off the tourist radar. From charming villages to underground crypts to a city built into the mountains, you’ll be delighted by the surprises that await you.

Interacting with the locals

There’s no better way of getting a feel for a place then by going directly to the source. As we see it, authentic interaction is the best way to understand other cultures and see the world with a new pairs of eyes. From dining with a local family to spending your days with olive growers, winemakers, fishermen and others, you’ll get unique insights into the lifestyle, traditions and history of this truly unique region.

Our Mission

As two women with a thirst for knowledge, what drives us is learning from, and above all, sharing the beauty of this territory with, like-minded adventurers, especially other women. We believe that it is our nature as human beings to want to constantly expand and explore new frontiers, and therefore it’s our mission to create an atmosphere of positivity, growth, sustainability and enjoyment for both our guests and in the communities in which we operate.

It all started with an adventure, and then a question.

Worn out by the hustle and bustle of big city life after years spent in Miami and Madrid, Tess Canosa decided to try a smaller city on for size. An Italian friend mentioned Lecce, a bustling college town dubbed the “Florence of the south”. She packed her bags, kissed Madrid goodbye (it’s an “hasta luego, not an adiós”, she said) and headed East. Well, Southeast to be exact. After a few weeks in Lecce she quickly became enamored by the low-cost living and amazing quality of life.

Upon her arrival to Lecce Tess met Elena, and they immediately became friends. Since 2012 Elena has been an airbnb superhost (or “superhostess with the mostess” as Tess likes to call her), and ‘til then a professional dedicated to designing, communicating and organizing cultural events. In the beginning, Tess was one the dozens of guests she had already hosted at her place – sharing has always been a strong value in Elena’s community and not just the result of a global business trend – but soon Tess’s keen eye on the world and her sensibility had conquered Elena’s heart. Back from a summer trip to Greece, Elena asked “How come so many Americans visit Greece and nobody comes over here?! We’re even closer!” Tess’s answer: “We should do it!”. Elena loves adventures, above all when it comes to putting together the very heart and the very heel! As Marilyn Monroe once said, “I don’t know who invented the heel, but we all owe him a lot.” And we think you’ll most definitely agree.