Travel to “Salento”, a.k.a “the heel of the boot” and the “Jamaica of Italy” in the Southern Puglia region. A sun-drenched land flanked by the Adriatic Sea to the east and the Ionian to the west, it’s comprised of a breathtaking mix of rocky cliffs and sandy beaches. Moving inland, the balmy shores give way to an arid terrain that conjure up images of ancient Greece, graced by immense olive groves, unexpected architectural gems in weathered stone, and thousands of years of history and culture.


A fairytale town tucked away amidst the hills of the Itria Valley, Alberobello, (literally, “beautiful tree” in Italian), is famously touted as the capital of the “trulli”. These quaint, white [...]


Among one of the oldest cities in the world, Matera’s earliest human settlements date back to the Paleolithic era. As soon as you arrive you’ll understand why it’s known as [...]


A favorite among locals and tourists alike, Otranto is quaint port town of whitewashed houses jutting out into the turquoise waters of the Adriatic. Although known today for its winding [...]


Known as the “pearl of the Ionian”, this charming town is divided into two distinct regions: its historic center branches off the west coast of Salento like an ancient, fortified [...]


Lecce, a.k.a. the “Florence of the South” for the dazzling Baroque architecture that adorns its old center, is the provincial capital, and one of Puglia’s most important cities. Just a [...]


Deriving from the Latin super sanum, or “super healthy”, the name of this Lower Salento village is thought to refer to the healthfulness of its Belvedere Forest, clean air and [...]


Allow yourself to journey back in time to a perfectly conserved architectural wonder of centuries past. Specchia, although just a smidge of a town set inland off the Cape of [...]


The arrival of the summer solstice, complete with rites and rituals of all sorts, has been widely celebrated across cultures since pre-Christian times. This astronomical phenomenon was greeted by lighting [...]

Carpignano Salentino

This town is one of the nine communities that make up “Greek Salento”, an area whose inhabitants, descendents of Greek immigrants, speak a neo-Greek dialect called “Griko”. Here you’ll find [...]


Just a little over one kilometer (roughly half a mile) away from Carpignano Salentino lies the hamlet of Serrano. Its name derives from the word serra, which means mountain range, [...]

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