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Our activities, from participating in the olive harvest to exploring the grottoes around the Cape of Salento, to visiting any number of the fabulous destinations around Puglia and Basilicata, can be booked as day trips for those traveling on their own. Just send us a message at for prices and availability.

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  • Be enraptured as you  journey to the heart of Easter in Southern Italy. From processions to pasta-making to picnics in the countryside, you’ll be delighted by the whimsical springtime sights, scents and traditions.  Highlights include Lecce, Taranto, Matera, Gallipoli, Manduria and Pasquetta in Acaya.


Prepare for a journey into the deep South, where religion and food mix for a rich and tasty combination of unexpected sights, sounds, feelings and flavors. You’ll be based in Lecce, a.k.a “the Florence of the South”, where you’ll live, firsthand, the unique cultural events that few outsiders ever get to experience. Be amazed by the awe-inspiring “Procession of Mysteries” in Taranto, where hooded penitents march barefoot through the streets on Good Friday. While on Easter Monday you’ll relax with a stroll through nature and a countryside picnic lunch, as per Italian tradition. You’ll also discover some of the most beautiful and charming towns in Southeastern Italy, including 9,000-year-old Matera, the former Spartan colony of Taranto, and Manduria, Puglia’s wine capital, for a truly breathtaking experience of the cultural gems hidden down south.

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Otranto: one of the city of the Heart of Southern Italy's guided tours.

  • Enjoy some fun in the sun down in the “Jamaica of Italy”, for a relaxing combination of stunning beaches, culinary enjoyment, and bountiful concerts and festivals. Highlights include Lecce, Matera, Alberobello, Otranto, Galatina and the grottoes of Santa Maria di Leuca.


Come revel in the delights of early summer in Puglia, when the region comes to life amidst concerts and festivals and sultry nights spent strolling through bustling piazzas. You’ll be based in Lecce, a.k.a “the Florence of the South” and will visit some of the Southeast’s most delightful and whimsical towns like Alberobello, the home of the trulli – curious, conical-shaped huts that were designed to be dismantled when the taxman came around. Other visits include 9,000-year-old Matera; Otranto, famous for its gorgeous winding streets and whitewashed houses as well as for being Italy’s easternmost point; the grottoes at Santa Maria di Leuca, and Galatina, where you’ll discover the secret behind the legend of the Taranta and its characteristic dance, the pizzica.

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  • A dream come true for the food and wine-lovers among us! This tour centers on what has left scores of celebrity chefs overjoyed: Puglia’s uniquely traditional cuisine and rich agricultural heritage.


You’ll be based in Lecce, a.k.a “the Florence of the South” and will experience the harvest season in Puglia amongst the backdrop of the Southeast’s most whimsical towns. Participate in the grape harvest for a hands-on experience in wine-making, become a savvy wine-taster with guided food and wine pairings, and savor an enchanting dinner and visit of a centuries-old masseria– a typical farmhouse where everything – and we mean everything– is made from scratch and sourced locally on-site. Enjoy a private cooking class that takes you behind the scenes and into the kitchen, where you’ll learn to make homemade pasta and other regional specialties. Additional visits include the fairytale town of Alberobello, where you’ll get to spend a night in your very own trullo; the 9,000-year-old city of Matera; Ostuni, the “white city”; Gallipoli, and an excursion by boat into the grottoes around the Cape of Salento.


  • Thanks to its geographic position, the region of Puglia (Apulia) has always represented a transit point between the rest of Europe and the Near East throughout the ages. Since Roman times, through the ports of Brindisi, Taranto, Otranto, Bari, Trani and Barletta, a lot of Jewish families have transited and even settled, forming large communities which flourished during the Middle Ages.


On this guided tour, you will be taken on a journey in time, through Jewish history in Puglia and Basilicata. You will be taken on a historic walking tour of the Jewish Museum in Lecce, set inside a historical palace in which traces of Jewish past (such as a few mikvotand a mezuzah) still remain. Our local guide, an English and Hebrew-speaking historian (PhD in History of Religions, specialized in the history of Judaism in Apulia), will take you to the places that testimony the unique history of Jewish communities in the region, such as Trani and its oldest functioning synagogue in the Diaspora, Oria, and its famous medieval Jewish thinkers and Nardò, with its history of hospitality of the Displaced Persons liberated from concentration camps in WWII. Trip highlights include visiting a farm, which produces wine and olive oil Kosher certified by the controls of the OU and Rabbi Hochman, local food making and tasting, seaside views of the Mediterranean and Matera’s meandering stone streets.

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·   Savor a one-of-a-kind journey into autumn, for an authentic travel experience that offers you the best of the seasons’ flavors and traditions.


A journey into Puglia’s rich agricultural heritage awaits you, with a special emphasis on the region’s millenary olive oil making tradition.  Pick olives and learn how to “taste” EVOO like a pro during our visit to an organic olive oil mill. Enjoy a private cooking class that takes you behind the scenes and into the kitchen, where you’ll learn to make homemade pasta and other regional specialties. Your home base will be in Lecce, but we’ll be making plenty of stops around the province, with a visit to the 9,000-year-old city of Matera, as well as the fairytale town of Alberobello, which has inadvertently become one of Italy’s most charming and unique towns. You’ll get to spend a night in your very own trullo, a curious, conical-shaped hut that was designed to be dismantled when the taxman came around. Other destinations include the charming port town of Otranto, Italy’s easternmost point, famous for its winding streets and whitewashed houses, and the gorgeous seaside city of Polignano a Mare.



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